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03/27/2006 Entry: "Week-End Wrap Up"

Hey, loyal readers! Are you looking for the weekend wrap up? Of course you are!

Friday. Office. Then to GVHS to play The Music Man. I played five of the seven shows--I only missed last Saturday, when I had those other two gigs. That went fine, no big whoop.

Saturday morning, back to the office for the Saturday shift. At noon, Julia and Susan (the boys were at Grandmas) met me at the office. Julia has been craving vanilla soft-serve, and DQ is the only place open. So we went and had lunch there, then went down to the public landing to eat it. After that, it was time for me to head to the Saturday matinee. That audience was the best of the run, and usually matinees are a little, well, blah. Not this crowd! And the kids performance was the best, as was mine. I had about an hour and a half lay over before the next show, so I came home and worked on a friend's computer. Then back to the show for the final performance.

Sunday morning was church. Nat and Matt were both sick, so Susan stayed home. After church, I went to a cousins house to help him hook up his plasma TV. That took a little longer that I thought. I couldn't get sound, for some reason, even though I was positive my connections were right. There was something going on with the TV. You know what it was? It needed to be restarted! For real. Turn the power off, then back on, and boom! Apparently, when you turn the TV on, if it doesn'f find and audio signal, it mutes the speakers. Since, when I arrived, it wasn't hooked up right, the speakers were on auto-mute. And all I needed to do was turn it off. Argh! If it had been a computer, it would've been the first thing I tried. In the afternoon, I came home and went over the taxes. I went to lie down and listen to Click and Clack, and I ended up falling asleep for an hour. In the evening, I went back to evening church.

Monday was back at the office. I wanted to show Susan how much I loved her, and told her I'd make dinner--whatever she wanted. What did she want? Hamburgers! Up. A loaded burger. Ketchup, mustard, onion, pickle, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and cheese, on a toaseted sesame seed bun. And they were fantastic!

Now, Nathaniel is up, and not happy. He's still got his fever, and the doctor diagnosed him with croop. The poor kid is miserable. I'm going to help Susan. Good night!

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