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04/07/2006 Entry: "The Right Now MI-5"

This week the theme is now. All questions will be about right now as you
are answering them.

1. If I could get you something to drink right what would it be?
Something cold, and clean. Maybe a Sierra Mist Free.

2. If you could take a vacation right now (leaving in the AM) where would you want to go?
With family or without? If the kids are going, then Disney World. I can't wait to go there again. If it's just me and Susan, then Ireland or Italy. If it's just me, then Texas.

3. If there is one burden in your life you could have lifted right now what would it be?
Cash. I'd have plenty of it. If I had plenty of money, then I could work less, and have more time--which is the other thing I'm running short on.

4. The celbrity of your choice is in the other room right now. Who is it?
Ringo or Mariska Hargitay.

5. What time is it right now and what time do you wish it was?
It's about 5:30pm. I wish it was 8am, Saturday April 22nd. Why? That's the next full Saturday I have off--no work, no gigs.

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