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04/07/2006 Entry: "The Women That Love Me"

There are a bunch. Let me touch on three today.

1) My beloved wife Susan. I'm going to be away most of the weekend. I have a gig in Waterville tonight, a meeting in Augusta tomorrow morning, and a gig in Auburn tomorrow night. Rather than drive home from Waterville---which is 20 minutes from Augusta--only to turn around and head right back, I decided I'd get a hotel room. So, Susan won't see me again until about 3:30am Sunday morning. It's not great fun for either of us. But to make it easier on me, she made me some chocolate chip cookies and her famous buttermilk banana bread to take with me. So tomorrow morning, I will have yummy banana bread for breakfast. (And let me tell you, her banana bread is something else! She has a secret method for the bananas that makes the bread oh so yummy moist... I want some now!)

2) My mom. She bought me a griddle. And not just any griddle, but a real he-man griddle. Susan bought me one for Christmas a few years back. Not anything major, just a fairly inexpensive job from Wal-Mart. After just a few uses, one of the handles broke. Ok, I'll live. A few more uses, and a leg broke. By this time, we can't find the receipt, and it was a special Christmas buy (so it's not even stocked anymore), so what to do? Toss it. But a griddle is a handy thing, especially for this cook. Breakfast is a specialty of mine, and the electric fry pan I have been using (also a gift from Mom) isn't quite cutting it. The sides are high, which make egg and pancake flipping unwieldy. I saw this crazy nice griddle on Alton Brown's "Good Eats" show (a favorite), and tracked down the model he used: the Broil King. I added it to my Amazon wish list. Today, Susan called. "A great big package arrived for you. Are you expecting something? Is sounds like it may be a drum. Did you buy another drum? The box is HUGE!" Actually, I didn't buy a drum. I haven't bought anything! What is it? I was a little concerned for her to open it--a big, unexpected package. There was a tracking number; I looked it up. "It's from cooking.com," I said. She opened it, and found out it was from Mom. I called to thank her. I said "Is this because I fixed your computer?" She said "No, it's a 'just because' gift." My mom!

3) My daughter. She brought home her report card today. All As and one B. Fantastic job, Julia!

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Don't forget that your sister loves you too! smile

Posted by Lisa @ 04/08/2006 07:20 AM EST

And me! smile

Posted by Aunt Ginny @ 04/08/2006 11:23 AM EST

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