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04/22/2006 Entry: "A Father's Milestone"

I've got the weekend off. The whole thing! No need to go to the office, no gigs, no nothing! I'm stoked. I've already made pancakes for everyone--or as Julia calls them, pam-cakes. As soon as Susan is out of the shower, we're off to buy Julia a bike. It will be her first real bike. She's had hand-me-down bikes, but until this year she hasn't had any real interest in riding. Now she really wants to, and I want her to have something decent to learn on. If the brakes stick, and it's hard to pedal 'cause of a rusty chain, no one would want to ride. So I'm dipping into the "snare drum fund" (happilly, I might add) and going with her to buy a bike. I'm really excited! I remember my bikes fondly, and I remember my first real "new" bike. (Mike and I got matching BMX bikes.) I can't wait!

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