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04/24/2006 Entry: "Week-End Wrap Up"

Week End Wrap Up

So you know what happened Saturday morning, right? Good. So we got the bike. It was a little 16" Barbie number. As soon as we got it home, we took the training wheels off. We went up to the high school to that big, paved, relatively flat parking lot. Before we left, she was riding pretty well. Susan's mom picked Julia up a little after noon for the weekend. So Susan, the boys, neighbors Michael and Erica, and I went to Rustica for lunch. My treat. Hey, they help us with the boys all the time. And their first child is expected any day. Everyone liked everything they had.

After that, we headed to Dow's Sleep Center to check out matresses. We've had our mattress for 12 years; it was a wedding present from Susan's mom and dad. It was time for a new one. With a pretty sizable tax return on the way, we decided to splurge on a nice mattress. We ended up with a Sealy Reflexion latex foam mattress. No springs, so it's quiet. It's got a soft pillow top on it that Susan likes, but it's not too soft for me--and I'm the kind who doesn't mind sleeping on a floor. So here's the deal. They didn't have a queen size in stock, so it would have to be delivered from Waldoboro. No big whoop. But they couldn't be here until Saturday. Susan didn't want to wait a week. So Kathy, the sales lady, volunteers "You could pick it up yourself in Waldoboro, have it tonight, and I'll give you an extra 5% off." Susan batted her eyelashes, and I agreed to go get it with Michael. Picking the mattress up in Waldoboro isn't a big deal; getting a queen size mattress up the stairs is! Well, the full size box wouldn't go up the stairs, even after I pulled the front door off. I called the Rockland store to see if they had a split box. They didn't. But they had a low profile model that was 5" high instead of 9". I took it, and with a little force, we got it upstairs. I've learned my lesson. The next mattress will have a split box spring. By the time everything was put back together, it was nigh on bedtime.

Sunday morning, the boys woke up at 6:15. We got up, made coffee, blah blah blah. Susan didn't want me to make breakfast; she wanted Munchkins. Fine. I went and got them. We then went to church. Song leader Dwane wasn't there, so I filled in. After that, we hit McD's for lunch. Man, why don't kids ever want anything else? After that, we went and picked up Julia. We got home, and Julia and I went to ride her bike some more. When it started to rain, I came home and worked on a website. Then it was evening church. I came home, worked on the web some more, swore (not really) at Dreamweaver for crashing, and gave up and went to bed.

The end.

Incidently, I finished up that website on my lunchbreak today. It's just a little thing for Littlefield Memorial Baptist Church. And like the cobbler's children, my own church doesn't have a website yet!

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