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04/26/2006 Entry: "The Secrets Winner"

Ok, the winner of the "My Secrets" contest is...

(Drum roll)


That's right. My beloved wife was the first (and only) person to guess all three secrets correctly. Well, Jim did too, but only after I told him his first guess was wrong. I left the contest open longer in hopes someone else would play. Debrosky, who reads here, and tried to get me to give some answers away, didn't bother to post. Oh well, Susan will get the prize. What? I don't know. I give her lots of surprizes. I just bought her a new mattress. I think I'll do a different contest, and I'll give a prize away for that one, ok?

The correct answers were:

2) I do have a Salvidor Dali print under my bed, waiting to be framed, where it's been for several years. There's also a Wyeth print under there awaiting the same fate.
3) I sometimes think I should sell all my snares, and give the money to the Bill Batty, Sr. Bell Memorial Fund at Harmony Bible Church.
6) I orignially wanted to play trombone.

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

It would make sense that Susan would win...she probably knows you best!!!

This was fun and educational don't you think???

Posted by Amy @ 04/27/2006 12:37 PM EST

Exactly what I thought! Plus it was the typical 2x3=6 approach that I knew that you were going with...

Posted by DeBro @ 04/27/2006 07:59 PM EST

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