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05/03/2006 Entry: "Quiz, Web Site, Across the Globe Snare Selling"

Hello, there! Did you take the quiz yet? See below. Debrosky did very well. He got a 100. Or so one might think. How did he do so well? I wonder... Why don't YOU take it, and see how you do.

What else is going on? Well, I finished the website for Balance Communications. They do phone installations, paging systems, inhome wiring, and that kind of thing. So hey, if you need an extra jack put in, or if you need fiber optic cables run, they can do it. And tell Kyle you heard about here.

Oh, and speaking about hearing about stuff on Billy Rhythm's site... Some guy from Washington state called Northern Kingdom Music. He asked about ordering a snare drum. He mentioned that he heard about them from here! And, he said he heard they were an honest, trustworthy place to do business, and they offered good prices and great service. Isn't that cool! Somebody here in Maine got business from the good word they got right here! Bruce, if you're reading this, drop me a line--I'd love to talk to you!

I have more Northern Kingdom Music news I want to post, but not right now. Maybe later, or maybe tomorrow.

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