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05/19/2006 Entry: "The Television MI-5"

Brought to you by me. This week's 5 is based on key phrases from my favorite TV shows. I then developed the questions from the phrase.

1) Discovery, Deadliest Catch: "Sig Hansen is on the crab!"
What's the craziest thing you've ever been on? A horse? A jury? The lam?

I think the craziest thing I've ever been on would be a mechanical bull. My Kiwanis Club had a "Cow Drop" fundraiser. You sell numbered square feet of field, turn a cow loose, and let her, um, make patties somewhere. Whoever purchased the ticket for the square foot she drops the first one on is the winner. And at that event, local rodeo rider Bill Grierson put on a demonstration, and let people try his mechanical bull. I did pretty well. But it sure does shake you up!

2) Outdoor Life, Shooting USA: "Shoot safely, and share your sport!"
What was the last organized sport you participated in? Expound.

I guess that last "organized" sport was the church softball team. We'd play on Friday nights over in a field provided by the late farmer Bob Polky. It was a pick-up game, with no real teams, but it was organized in the sense that there was a set time and place for the weekly games. If that doesn't count, then I was on the junior high soccer team. I was in the band, and not so much the sports.

3) FoodTV, Good Eats: "There's room in my kitchen for only one uni-tasker."
Is there something you do that you MUST uni-task? Something that you have to be so focused on you can think of nothing else?

Um, just about everything. I'm not a good multi tasker. In fact, Charles Jones gave me the nickname "Mr. Single Task Man." They still drag that name out at the office every now and again. The big one, though, is reading. If I'm reading, that's it: I'm reading. Nothing else goes on. Don't talk to me, don't ask me to watch tv and read, none of that. It needs to be me, the book (or the screen), and nothing else.

4) HGTV, This Old House Classics: "And I'm (insert host name here), for This Old House."
What's the oldest thing you have in your house? Tell us about it.

The heirloom Winchester 1894. Mine was made, according to the serial number, in 1897, three years from the introduction of this historic firearm. My serial number is less than 100,000. I think there are more than 10 million total now; they're still in production! Mine has a crescent shapped metal butt plate, an octagon barrel, an nickel steel receiver. The original (we believe) owner sold it to my grandfather, who handed it down to my dad, who handed it down to me. Whichever of my boys shows an interest in firearms, well, it will go to him. And when you get it, you have to promise to never sell it. If you're ever strapped for cash, and need to sell something, well, this is off limits. It stays in the familly. My Dad told me that if I ever needed some money, I could sell it back to him. Let me tell you, that never entered my mind. Who could ever think of selling something like that? Ask Paddy, the man known four buying and selling just about anything. The familly guns, well, they just don't go on the block.

5) Trinity Broadcasting, G.E. Patterson: "Let's go into the message."
Are you planning on going somewhere cool/exciting/neat this year? Where? Why?

Towards the end of June, we're all going to New Hamster to go to Santa's Village. We hit Story Land last year, and these two attractions are just down the road from each other. So this year, we go see Santa. I think the boys are old enough to enjoy this trip a little more. Last year, they basically slept through everything. But hey, they were only a year old.

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