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05/18/2006 Entry: "Susan's Birthday @ The Samoset"

As always, it was fantastic! we arrived at 6:30, and there was no one else in the place. We sat down front, near the windows, overlooking the golf course and the ocean beyond. We started off with some rolls, and they had a yummy roasted red pepper compound butter for them. I'll have to make some of this. I can see how great it would be, puting a pat on a freshly grilled strip steak. Next was the amuse bouche. It was a dainty crab cake with aioli and warm roasted pineapple. Some things to note: 1) Susan and I are not crab lovers, and 2) I'm not big on pineapple. Boy, were we surpised! It too was delicious, crispy on the outisde, a light, essence of the sea flavor, not overpowering at all. And the warm pineapple really complimented the crab. I wouldn't have thought it would work, but it certainly did.

Having eaten a large lunch, I skipped an appetizer. Susan, having not eaten lunch in anticipation of a big supper, ordered a salad; some exotic tossed number with a mango dressing and ginger crouton. She had it last time we went too, and loved it then as now. Something I love about dining at The Samoset: the little touches. Things like the aforementioned amuse. And the palette cleansing lemon sorbet that arrives before the main course.

Susan's entree was also what she had last time: filet mingion with a blue cheese reduction au jus. I try to eat around the menu, and try something different. I went for the "Marcel's Trio": a stuffed 1/2 quail, a lamb chop, and a buffalo short rib. The quail stuffing was exceptionally tasty, and the buffalo rib was a new favorite. I have tried buffalo before. I had some buffalo burger at a gig I played in Bar Harbor. I suppose that's not the best way to eat the real essence of buffalo. The rib fell right off the bone, and had a texture of pot roast. It had a more intense flavor than beef, though. It was like "super beef" Along side our meals where mashed potatoes, a sautee of mushrooms, and asparagus.

We were a little unsure if we'd order dessert or not, but we decided we would. I had, guess what, Bananas Foster. Susan had apple bread pudding. Could you guess? They were both yummy Finally, as we ate dessert, another couple came in for supper. An unusually slow Wednesday night for them, they said.

Everyone there on staff were very nice, and super attentive. The Maitre D' recognized me, and welcomed us back. When we left, he invited us back, and we informed him "We'll be back for our anniversary next month!"

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Being that I know you and Susan are lovers of fine cuisine I must also suggest to you Primo. I took Genova there before he left a year ago about this time of year and we had a wonderful meal much like what you described with all the little touches. The food was well primo and the service was amazing. Primo ties for first place with two other restaurants in my experience. The other two are Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and Escoffier.

Posted by Jim @ 05/18/2006 10:18 PM EST

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