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06/05/2006 Entry: "The Doors, or Why I Hate Home Depot"

When Susan and I received our tax return, we decided we'd use the money to spruce some things up around the house. We bought four more vinyl windows, so now we've got new windows everywhere in the house. We also decided to buy two new doors. Susan wanted more glass in the side door (the one everyone uses), so she could see who was there. And the front door is old and drafty, so we wanted to change that one too. I went to my local hardware store, and then to Home Depot. Home Depot was having a sale: 20% all custom ordered doors. So if I ordered from them, I would save $130. As much as I like to support the local guy, $130 is $130. And that will buy some diapers. So I ordered them. The salesman asked "Do you need right in-swing or left in-swing?" I told him I had no idea. Do you go from the side the hinges are on, or the knob? He asked me to demonstrate how I opened the door. I showed him, and he said "This is what you need." Fine. Order them. He needed to know how thick the jamb was. I went home, measured, came back, and we completed the order. Great. "Sign here. This means we're using the measurements that you supplied me with." OK.

Six weeks.

The doors come in. They're exactly backwards of what I need. They open on the wrong side. They will take them back, but they want a 15% restocking fee. So I ask to speak to the manager. This is our conversation. It's abridged, but we went round and round with the same points, so you'll get the idea.

"You signed for the doors," he said.
"Yes," I said.
"That means you read what you were buying, and that everything was explained to you."
"Yes," I said.
"So I told your guy I had no idea about right/left inswing. He told me what I needed, and I signed based on him telling me what I needed."
"But you signed," he said.
"I signed based on information given to me by your employee, and he told me what I needed."
"But you should know what you're buying. It's your responsibility."

I couldn't make the guy see that a) Yes I signed, but b) I signed based on his employee telling me information that wasn't correct. No dice. After two hours, I decided to pay the 15%, and take it up with their home office. Lesson learned.

Now, back to Spears, my local place...

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I seem to recall Jim's Dad having a similar issue with Home Depot but it was with the Bathroom remodel they were doing. He also got the run around by the store manager so he wrote a letter. I do believe he was pleased with the outcome. You might want to talk to Jim about it (or his Dad) and fight for your 15% restocking fee. Home Depot suposedly prides themselves on having knowledgable employees you can trust. Use that to your advantage. *Good Luck*

Posted by Melanie @ 06/06/2006 10:13 AM EST

I hate Home Depot too...You are not alone! razz

Posted by Amy @ 06/06/2006 12:14 PM EST

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