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06/07/2006 Entry: "Crazy Dreams of Crashing Space Craft and Dad"

Two dreams, actually, last night. Here they are.

Dream One: Susan and I are staying in some swanky hotel. Outside the door to our room is a little landing, and on the landing is a tabletop hockey arcade game. As I'm exiting the room, I see Susan and her scrapbooking friends Heather and Debbie beating on the game, with it now on its side. Apparently, they lost a quarter in the machine, and they wanted their money back. I said:

"Why don't you let me call my friend Sam (or whatever--I don't remember the actual name I used). He is, after all, a maintenance man here."

Susan said "Sam's a heating maintenance guy. He doesn't know anything about electric hockey games!"

"Maybe not," I said, "but I'm sure he could point us to the person who does!"

Cut to me, outside the White House. I'm some guy on the President's staff. There's some big shin-dig going on, and I'm standing on the front steps. My job is to hand flags to the President's guests as they leave the White House. I have a plastic tub, and in it are American and Christian flags. There's also a flag in there that denotes the holder as a former member of the military. As guests leave, I offer them a flag. I also happened to notice that the lawn is covered in dog poop. And I think to myself "Why the heck did groundskeeping not clean this up?" Then I turn around, and see the reason why there are so many guests at the White House: there is a space shuttle launch, and everyone has come to see it with the President. From my vantage point, I can see the engines touch off, and I can feel the heat. The shuttle rises into the air. It doesn't get very high, when I notice it appears to be doing a loop! What's up with that? "Something's not right" I think. After the loop is completed, the shuttle starts falling--flat like it's in flight-- but straight down. Almost like it had no forward motion, and it just fell straight down. It smacked into the ground with a horrible CRACK! Of course, everyone is screaming. The explosion causes debris to fly into the air, and then of course, it comes down. Mini-van size pieces of debris are falling on the crowd.

I start running towards the back of the White House, looking back over my shoulder, trying to judge where debris is falling, and how I can NOT be under it. I get around back, and start towards the front again from the opposite side. This side is off limits to the public, but since I'm staff, I'm ok. I can see reporters trying to get inside the White House from the front. There's this window in the President's office, and as I'm running by, I can see him inside. I run up to the window, and knock on it. He's inside, watching what's unfolding on his front steps on the TV! I yell to him that the reporters are trying to get to him. He turns towards me, his face in shock. (This isn't President Bush, btw. It's some other guy.) I tell him he needs to get out there! He holds one finger up at me, giving me the "just a minute" sign. He pushes his chair back from his desk, stands up, and pulls up his pants, which were apparently around his ankles under the desk!

Ok, that's where that one ended.


This dream is much shorter. The phone rings. I pick it up. There's no one there. I say "Hello? Hello?" No answer. Yet in my dream, I know it's Dad. How many times have I dreamed Dad is calling me on the phone? I bet we're close to 1/2 dozen. This is the first time, though, where he didn't say anything. Usually he says something not too important. Sometimes I beg him to tell me what he wants. Only once did he say anything really meaningful. (He told me he missed me.) This time, nothing. C'mon, Dad, leave me the lottery numbers!

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