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06/09/2006 Entry: "Jim's Quite Strange MI-5"

Jim says "The five this week is a bit different. One might say a bit of a riddle. I will give you a phrase and you tell me why it is true. There is a riddle in the truth. Once you figure out one of these the rest are easy. I hope you have fun! If this turns out to be too hard let me know and I will give you one or give you a hint. In a few days in my web log I will post what I was thinking when I wrote these or what we might call the answers."

When Animals Speak!

1. Horses are so negative.
They always say "Neigh" (or "Nay").

2. Cats are selfish wimps.
Meow. Or selfish me is always hurt: me ow!

3. Dogs need to be more refined.
They tend to be rough (or Ruff!).

4. Donkey's love to laugh.
And, they like to make an *** of themselves.

5. Ducks never like their doctors.
They're always just a bunch of quacks.

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