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06/23/2006 Entry: "Amy's MI-5 (Which She Almost Forgot! ;-) )"

1. A meal is being prepared in your honor. What is prepared (include specific dishes and don't forget dessert as this is a special occasion!)? Who is invited? Why are you being honored? Do you give a speech?

OK, this is just honesty on my part--I'm not feeling gloomy or anything like that. But really, I'm not really banquet-worthy for anything. So why am I being honored? Who knows! Maybe for having a really cool drum collection. Sure, let's go with that. We'll start with some nice little appetizers. Maybe some of those little quiche-lettes that Jim's sister Carol made at that Christmas party. Next up, Caesar salad. Soup too; choose from French onion or cool raspberry. Then a little lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate. We'll have three entrees: mustard crusted lamb, chicken marsala, and some kind of scallop dish. Dessert is bananas foster. Who will be there? Well, all my friends of course. All my music buddies, and the guys at NKM. Ringo would be there. So would Mike Curotto. (In reality, Mike probably has the best drum collection. He owns five of the seven Ludwig Triumphals in known existence.) And Chick Bailey should be there too. Speech? Sure, maybe a short one. Then a giant drummer jam!

2. Your neighbor accidently backs into your car and gives it a nice sized dent. The dent is for the most part purely cosmetic in nature. The neighbor is a nice guy...and also doesn't really want insurance companies to get involved. He gives you the option: have his friend (whom you don't know at all) fix for you or take it to a repair shop. What do you choose and why?

Hmm... This sounds vaguely familiar, Amy! :-) If I know the guy well, I'd say fill out an accident report so you have something to fall back on. Then let his guy take a crack at it. You've already said he's a nice guy, so probably everything will be fine.

3. You win a trip to any place OUTSIDE of the United States. Where do you go? You can take only two people with you...who do you take?

I couldn't take two more. I could do one more, or three more, but not two. So it would just be me and Susan. We'd go to either Italy or the UK. Either one would be fine by us.

4. Now let's talk about work. You bend over backwards to get something done quickly for someone as a courtesy because of the situation- something that requires you to call on other people to do YOU a favor to get it done. They don't say thank you and the next time they require something of you they expect it to be done just as fast. What do you do?

I make sure they realize just what I had to do to bail them out last time, and how many of my own chips I had to cash in. I'd then tell them they'll just have to be reasonable this time around.

5. If you could start A NEW hobby...any hobby...(money is NO object) what would it be?

Ahrens Fox collecting!

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