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06/26/2006 Entry: "What A Hose"

My first day of vacation, and already I'm checking email. I'm a jerk.

This weekend? Well, no gigs Friday night. Saturday morning I was at the office for the nine to noon shift. After that, I came home and did some stuff around the house: washing dishes, going to the dump, that kinda thing. A short side trip to Northern Kingdom was stuck in there. Then a little rest before my gig.

The gig in Brunswick was really strange. The first set was ok. The second set was awful! I sounded and played like a jerky hose-bag. Blind Al couldn't get the sound he was after either. It just wasn't too tight. On the third set, I tweaked my bass drum pedal a little, and changed the rosewood snare out for the copper. And that seemed to do it. The copper seemed to fit the room better, and the sound inspired me. So thrid and fourth sets were back to normal.

Sunday morning, and we went to church. In the afternoon, Erik the contractor dude came by to put the new side door in. While he was doing that, I was vacuuming and shampooing the carpets in the van. Then I went to evening church. Supper was leftover Chineese food from lunch. And then bed which was pretty early for us, say, 9:30.

Now, I'm off to make breakfast for the fam, and then we'll start vacation in earnest. I'll post progress reports when appropriate.

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