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07/14/2006 Entry: "Laptops an WIFI"

You may not have heard of it, but the State of Maine provides Mac laptops to middle school students. Of course, now those laptops are "too old," and the state is getting new laptops for them. So what do the schools do with the old ones? Well, they could purchase them, return them, or offer them for sale to their staff and students. The cost? $48. Yup. That's it, $48 for a G3 laptop. And, since I teach Adult Ed for a local school district, I ended up being able to purchase one. So I did. So I'm on the couch, postin' from a cool little G3 700mhz laptop. And it's got WIFI in it, and the next door neighbors have an unsecured WIFI router, so I'm using they're bandwidth and posting to my site! Cool, or what? Now, this laptop only has 128 megs of RAM, so that will have to be upgraded, but I can get 256 more for about $25, or 512 more for about $90. I think for that price spread, 256 will be fine!

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