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07/14/2006 Entry: "MI-5"

Got 'em up after all!

From my sister, Lisa.

"This weekend, we are taking our son away for a special “Birthday Weekend”. We are going to the NASCAR race in New Hampshire. So—this week’s questions are going to relate to NASCAR."

1. Describe your “relationship” with NASCAR. Are you a big fan? An occasional watcher? Never had any interest in it at all?

I have no interest in NASCAR at all. I don't know what it stands for. I know some driver's names, but I don't know who sponsor them. I have only watched a race in its entirety once, and that was a Busch league race on a Saturday. The next day, Earnhardt died. (See Feb. 19 here.)

2. Tell us about your favorite NASCAR driver. Is he/she your favorite driver because of their ability, or because of some aspect of their personality? If you didn’t even know that NASCAR involves driving, you could tell us about your favorite professional athlete.

I don't have a favorite driver. I know my sister and her family like Bobby Labonte. I don't really have a favorite athlete, as I'm not much of a sports fan. Jim Rice from the Red Sox was a favorite when I was a kid, as was catcher Rich Gedman.

3. Have you ever attended a NASCAR race? If not, would you like to go to one? Which one would you like to go to? If you didn’t even know that NASCAR involves racing, you could tell us about any professional sporting event that you have attended, or would like to attend.

Never been to a race, and could care less about going. The only professional sporting event I've ever been to is the Sea Dogs game with Julia. It was a lot of fun, and I'd like to go again. In fact, a few weekends ago when Susan and I were without the kids, I tried to get her to go to a game with me. She didn't really want to, and she lucked out--they were playing away that night.

4. My Dad’s theory was that NASCAR was rigged—that crashes were created on purpose to give the fans what they wanted to see (similar to professional wrestling). Do you agree or disagree? Why?

I don't think it's rigged. It's too dangerous.

5. If you were going to be surprised with a “getaway weekend” for your birthday, where would you like to go? While it’s fun to dream, let’s try to be somewhat realistic. (In other words, jet setting to Paris is probably out.)

How about a quick jaunt to Disneyworld? Maybe just two days at The Magic Kingdom. Or, maybe Susan and I can go to Hawaii? Or maybe a little beach in Mexico.

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