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07/22/2006 Entry: "Good Morning, it's Birthday Time"

Mornin', everyone. How are you doing. Mentally I'm feeling much better today. Physically, something strange is up, though. I feel like I've got mucus stuck in the back of my throat, and that it's closing off. It was real bad when I first woke up; it was a chore to swallow. It's better now, but it still feels weird.

Short post, this morning. The boys' are celebrating their second birthday today. They actually turn two tomorrow, but the party is today. We're also doing Julia's family party today. She had a party with her friends earlier this month, but family is showing up today. We're having a breakfast party! Instead of cake, we're serving Munchkins! I'm just about to run out to buy them and some coffee.

I'm playing drums for a wedding this afternoon, so this (I'm sure) will be all from me today. I'll try and get some photos of us at the wedding.

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Coffee for Julia and the boys? You're bringing them up right!

Posted by jp @ 07/22/2006 06:08 PM EST

Let's see some sexy pix of you in that Z-sute!!!!!

Posted by Harv @ 07/22/2006 08:21 PM EST

Happy Birthday guys!!!!!

Posted by Michelle @ 07/23/2006 08:31 PM EST

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