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08/14/2006 Entry: "Weekend Wrap-Up"

Do you want to hear about my weekend? Sure you do! If you didn't, well, you'd just move on to Yahoo or something.

At two o'clock on Friday afternoon, I cut out of the office early. The steel drum band was playing down at the Maine Boats and Harbors show. So I went down and jammed along with them. Everything was fine, except I had one slight (actually, fairly major) accident. They added a song to the set list, and I didn't have it in my book. So the leader counted the band in, and I jumped on with an up-tempo songo rhythm. About four bars in, everybody laughing, the leader stops me. "What are you playing?" Galo, the bass player, says "He's on Steven's Jam" (or whatever the song was). Everybody else was playing the swing tune "Jumpin' at the Woodside!" Yeah, you can't stick those rhythms together! (On a side note, on the last gig someone told me some new song we were playing was a samba. It was actually a bosa nova. Same deal: two cool rhythms, but hardly interchangeable.)

Saturday morning I pulled a shift at the office. After that I went to the dump, and did a few other errands. In the evening, after the boys went to bed, I made a special supper for some special ladies in my life. We had a couple of steaks, mashed potatoes (my famous buttermilk version), and green peas with pearl onions. We had ice cream for dessert. Then bed.

Sunday morning, I got up, made coffee, and picked up some donuts at Tim Hortons. Song leader (and my brother-in-law) Dwane wasn't feeling well, so I filled in as song leader. After church was over, I dropped Susan and the boys off at neighbor Zeke's birthday party, and took Julia to the hospital to hang out with Grandma. I came home, and took a little nap. I got up, and painted the trim on the new door out front. At 4pm, I had Click and Clack on the radio, washing dishes in the kitchen. Dwane, feeling better, got called into work, so I filled in as song leader at church. After that, Susan had a craving for a sub. She had her classic Subway BMT, and I had, can you guess???

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