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08/11/2006 Entry: "My MI-5"

Ah, yes, MI-5 time. And it's my turn to think up some sould searchin', earth shatterin' questions. I thought I would do some questions on stress, but I couldn't come up with five. So I figured I do a one through five theme. Here they be:

1) What one movie makes you say "I hope I never waste another two hours on that again"?

Two come to mind, well three really, immediately. But since I have to single out one, it would be "Stealing Beauty" with Liv Tyler. It was recommended by an Audio/Video magazine for its beautifully shot scenery. But the rest of the movie, was, well, stinky.

(The other two that came to mind were "Boxing Helena" and "Moulin Rouge." Susan and I watched "Helena" together years ago when we were renting the trailer in St. George. Occasionally, I think about re-renting it to see if it was as bad as I thought then. I posted about what I thought of "Rouge." A few months ago, I thought I would revisit it again. I got about 20 minutes in before I had to shut it off.)

2) Stretch your left and and your right hand out to your side. What two things do you touch?

The back of the chair at the desk, and the Marantz RC2000 remote.

3) You're being roasted at the Friar's Club. What three comedians are at the head table with you?

Steve Martin would have to be there. Not only is he funny, but he seems like a cool guy to hang out with. I'd also pick Steven Wright and old "Stand Up Spotlight" host Bobby Collins.

4) You're making supper for someone special in your life. What four things (entree, side, vegetable, dessert) do you prepare?

Well, that special someone would be Susan. Assuming it summer, I'd cook some rib steaks on the grill. (In fact, I'm planning on grilling a couple of those tonight!) I think she'd like a rice side dish, as she leans more towards rice than potatoes. Real Maine corn on the cob on the side. And dessert? Hmm. How about Creme Caramel?

5) What five minor things would you change about your current domicile?

We need new carpet all over. We need new wallpaper in the upstairs hall, and in the living room. I need to get the basement cleaned out, especially the chest freezer that doesn't work. We need a proper lav cabinet in the bathroom, and new vinyl tile in the entryway.

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