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08/17/2006 Entry: "Comment Spam"

Man, the last three or four days, I've been killed by comment spam. You can see most of the older entries have comments turned off. I just can't stand someone posting their porn links here. I'm trying to find away around it. I really like Greymatter, and it's easy to install, so I don't really want to move away from it. Plus, their's like five years of blog here. I've tried a little something that may help; I've set the page to hold only four days worth of entires instead of seven. And then, once items fall off the home page, you won't be able to leave comments. So, if you want to comment, you'll need to be quick about it!

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Posted by Harv @ 08/17/2006 11:32 PM EST

Dude, I visited, but your page must be down...

cool eh?

Posted by BR @ 08/18/2006 07:07 AM EST

The best approach to comment spam that blogger has is a feature to make a commenter type in a visible random key word that can't be read via scripting and re-entered automatically. The other method they use is to have you the site owner review all comments first before allowing their posting. I'm not sure if yo have either capability on this site, but that would stop the spamming.

Posted by Bigguns @ 08/18/2006 08:26 AM EST

I missed the deadline for commenting on out of state drivers. But I wanted to add an additional one.

If you are on vacation and driving around Maine, remember that most of (if not all) the natives of this great state are trying to hold down jobs. Vacation driving anytime between 7:45AM and 9:00Am should be limited. But if you must drive during said hours, please remember to go at least the speed limit, and save the rubbernecking, picture taking, map reading at the green light, to a later time. Some of us still need to work to survive!

Ok, I'm done.

Posted by aza @ 08/18/2006 04:00 PM EST

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Posted by Akai Fuselamp Master Guru @ 08/18/2006 10:23 PM EST

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