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08/18/2006 Entry: "The MI-5"

I don't know what inspired this, but let's talk about pet peeves! You know, those little things that are really not important, but still drive you crazy. Tell me about your pet peeves:

1) At the office
Bees! (Just a little joke. We have a bee problem in our basement.) I guess I would say when someone leaves the office, and they don't send an email or note in on the staff calendar. Next thing you know, you're ringing their desk, paging the intercom, only to find out they left two hours ago but didn't say anything.

2) In the bathroom
Strange as it may sound coming from a guy, but I hate it when someone leaves the seat up. If you put the seat down, you prevent something from falling in when you reach in the basket/on the shelf above. If you put it down, you don't have to worry about the kids falling in. And it's just nicer aesthetically. I just don't think there's any good reason to leave it up.

3) In the kitchen
I'm a bear in the kitchen. My biggest pet peeve is having too many people in the kitchen. I need to be able to move around, and not have to worry about stepping on people. It's especially true in my house, where the kitchen is small, and counter space is at a premium. I actually would prefer not to have anyone in my home kitchen when I'm cooking. There's not enough room. Everyone out!

4) From someone important in your life
My beloved wife Susan is almost perfect, so I had to think hard. I guess I will say that when making a meal that calls for browned ground beef (tacos, spaghetti sauce, Hamburger Helper, etc.), she will occasionally not drain the fat off. That bugs me. Of course, the pan is heavy, the kids are running around, and it's cumbersome. So she just skips it. No big whoop, really.

5) On the road
People who refuse to walk on the sidewalk. Of course, I've posted on that before. I also hate it when people don't use their turn signals.

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Re: #2. Do you wish the "seat" to be left down or the "lid" be left down. The seat "hole" would still allow small items or children to fall in?

Posted by Harv @ 08/18/2006 09:45 PM EST

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