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08/22/2006 Entry: "Nothing New Under the Sun, Except Naked Climbing Boys"

Hey. I'm busy. I haven't been posting much. Sorry. I need more hours in the day.

For those family members who haven't heard, Matthew climbed out of his crib this morning. Susan was in bed, listening to the boys playing on the baby monitor, when she heard the door knob jiggle. She jumped up, and went inside, and found Matthew playing with his fan, and Nathaniel in his crib naked. Oh, the fun! Apparently, Nathaniel has figured out how to get the safety pin off his zipper. So Matthew climbed out at nap time, and climbed out when she put him to bed for the evening. I give it less than a week before he "teaches" Nat how to do it. Time to hit the furniture store for some toddler beds!

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Oh the joy! I remember the day Erica first climbed out of her crib. I cried because I knew it was the end of being able to have that time to myself. Have fun!

Posted by Jane @ 08/23/2006 11:49 AM EST

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