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08/19/2006 Entry: "The Millinocket Post"

I'm in the car, posting from Susan's laptop. It's apparenly got a somewhat common lcd scrren problem, so you can't move the screen at all, or it will go black. The gig last night was fine. The people in this place like to drink--more so than most places. First set we had a patron go face first into the floor. At the end of the night, another guy fell over. The bartender commented "He's shut off!" I think she may have been a little late on the call.

This morning, we had breakfast at a local dinner. The coffee was awful. The breakfast was good. I bought some socks at the local department store. I'm without my beloved Chucky Ts, and have these cheap lowtops. They're rubbing on my ankle bone, so I bought some ankle socks to prevent chaffing. Susan made me a beautiful card which I just opened, and the kids made me pictures. It's really nice to have a family that loves me so much. As soon as my phone is charged, I'll be calling them.

Plans for the rest of the day? Catch up on reading! I'm almost done with "Blue Like Jazz," and Susan snuck a gift of two new books into my suitcase.

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