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08/24/2006 Entry: "You Had What for Supper?"

I walked into the house last night after work, and was greeted by the boys. As of late, they've been quite excited to see me come home. So we hung out for a bit, waiting for my drum student to arrive (he never did). Julia was spending the night at Grammy Nan's. Susan and I had a discussion about what we should have for supper. She was planning on fajitas. I asked if the boys had already eaten. She said they had, so I asked Matthew what he had for supper. "Bread!" he said excitedly. Susan shook her head. "What else did you have?" I asked. "Butter!" he exclaimed. Susan said no again. "Matthew, what did you really have for supper?" This time he said "Toast... and broccoli!" Susan said "I wish you ate broccoli." Susan and I were laughing hard at this point. I called Nathaniel over. "What did you have for supper?" He said "Toast!" Nope. What they actually had were waffles.

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Wow, I thought I was the only guy that still played Ghost pedals.I enjoyed your site very much.
I purchased two of them about 1 year before Ludwig featured them - but I just found a 'green-grey' one the other day.
The spring actions are rather weak and I can't get them to tighten. Any suggestions?
Also - like you I still play( pro) with my first good set - '67 Ludwig Hollywoods, gold sparkle.
Cheers from Toronto!

Posted by Paul Greco @ 08/25/2006 09:09 AM EST

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