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08/26/2006 Entry: "Maynard Ferguson"

When I was in high school, I really started to get into jazz. Mostly fusion-y type jazz, I would say, though I also go into swing too. I remember the first time I heard "Take 5." I was in the high school auditorium. That's the same place I first heard "Chameleon." Peter Orne, a trumpet player, suggested we play it in the high school jazz band. He brought a tape in (this was when CDs were WAY expensive) and played it for us. I was all up in that! I went out an bought the same tape. I mean, c'mon! "Gospel John" (another song we played in jazz band), "Chameleon," "Livin' for the City," and "I Can't Get Started" all on one tape? I used to listen to that tape over and over. Even in my early college days, that tape was in heavy rotation in the tape deck of the old Citation.

Rest in peace, Maynard Ferguson.

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