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09/01/2006 Entry: "Amy's Burnt MI-5"

This is day 12 of me working with no days off. It has me burnt out...I never realized I cherished my weekends so much- until I didn't have my last one. So this is the burnt out edition of the Mi-5!

1. What is the most "burnt out" you have ever been? Why?
Well, two things come to mind quickly. Once, before Susan and I were married, we spent a week on the Allagash. I remember the last day. We were very tired. We had run slightly out of food. Breakfast was fruit cocktail. There was no lunch. We were tired and hungry. I had a great time, and I remember it fondly, but I was pretty burnt out. Also, when I was first working at Wal-Mart, they were "grooming" me to become the department manager in hardware. They had me run inventory with the department manager to get the feel for things. I worked long hours, all inside, for many weeks. About two days before inventory day, I had a migraine like you wouldn't believe.

2. Tell us about a humorous time your burned something food related.
I can't really recall anything here. I'm a pretty good cook, and don't usually burn anything. I did, though, have some chicken breasts get overdone on the grill this year. They were quite dry, and Julia said "I don't want this again."

3. Ever do a burnout in a car? Why?
Sure. When you're a kid, you do those silly things. You think it's cool. It's really just stupid.

4. Tell us about at time you got sunburned.
Ah, my sun burned back story. When we went on the cruise, my brother-in-law Dwane and I went snorkeling in Jamaica. Having your back to the sun at noon in Jamaica is not good on white Maine skin. The diving was awesome. The burn was painful.

5. If you were gonna burn me a mix cd right now...what is one (or three) songs you would put on it? Why?
Hmm... What did you lose in your ipod fiasco? I guess I'd put some music that I'm into right now. I'm diggin' "Black Horse and Cherry Tree," for some reason. Also, Prince's "Mellow" and a song called "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised."

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