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09/16/2006 Entry: "Saturday Morning Post, Waiting for Paint to Dry"

I'm blogging from the living room. I'm painting the new front door, and I'm waiting for the second coat to dry before I put another on. The first coat went on with a foam roller. Let me tell you, mister man, foam rollers stink! Painting these two doors has been my first experience with foam rollers. The first door tool like six coats, and still I wasn't happy with the coverage and smoothness. Today, after the first coat, I went an bought a regular nap roller. I should've done this long ago. The second coat was much better than the first. Once I get it done, I'll post some pictures. For now, suffice it to say, stay away from foam rollers!

Something else interesting (ahem) happened today. Wednesday, on the way to do laundry downstairs, I smelled something, well, funky. I wasn't sure what it was, but it didn't seem too normal. My basement's not totally dry, but it's dry enough to keep stuff down there. Heck, I've got drums down there. But sometimes when it rains hard, we get a little water, and things will smell a little musty. This wasn't must, though. When I came down that evening to give my drum lesson, it was even stronger. It kept getting stronger, and yesterday I decided it must be a dead mouse. So this morning, since I was in my yucky painter's clothes, I decided to find him. So using my "super schnoz," I hunted around until I found the area. It was near the Christmas storage. I moved some boxes, and sniffed. I couldn't find it. When I smelled towards the floor, the smell was lesser, not stronger. I seemed the strongest when I stood up near my congas. What was going on? Susan had this laundry basket with some stuff in it, and I looked in there. And there it was, "staring" me in the face: a bag of hamburger. Yup. Susan had rearranged the downstairs freezer, and in so doing, forgot a bag of meat. Oh my goodness, this was one of the grossest things I've seen in some time. Try leaving a bag of ground meat out for a week, and see how you dig it. Better yet, take my advice: stay away from room temperature week-old meat!

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