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09/18/2006 Entry: "The Wonder of God's Creatures"

I've always been a big fan of spiders. I don't want them in my bed, nessecarilly, but I like them. Ask Mom or Lisa; growing up, I wanted a tarantula as a pet. In 6th grade, my science project was on the major parts of spiders. So I dig 'em. And we've got spiders around the Batty household. I'm not sure why, but wolf spiders LOVE my garage. They're all over the outside--and they have been since we bought the place. (Wolf spiders don't build webs--they chase after their prey. They move very fast. They look almost like the hop from place to place.) And we've got some big spiders this fall!

Dig this...

This spider is the new family friend. And here's what really impresses me. His web is in that light circle area. It's anchored by points A, B, and C. His little spot to hide is up on the roof line (point B). And of course, it's anchored to the top of the lawn chair at point A. So here's the kicker... On Saturday, one of the kids moved the green chair at point A. It broke the web. Sunday, when we got up, not only was the web rebuilt, but it was anchored back on the chair again! How does this little guy (he's a big spider, but he's still a small creature) get to all these points in one night? And then, how does he get the silk from one corner of the web all the way over to the chair? To me, it's quite incredible.

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I wish I knew what kind of spiders we had in our basement.

Posted by Jim @ 09/22/2006 11:38 AM EST

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