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09/27/2006 Entry: "Benefits of Being a Christian"


That's right. The pig is off limits to Jews and Muslims. I'd never make it! :-) In fact, on Tuesday, I had sausage in every meal! And on Monday night, it was pork chops. Susan made this meal: pork chops dusted with sage and baked with apple and onions; roasted buttercup squash; baked apples for dessert. Man, do I love fall meals! Tuesday's breakfast has sausage in it. I had some of the leftover sausage soup for lunch. And supper? Baked beans (with molasses and, what else, bacon!), sausage, and homemade biscuits. Can it get more New England? And for lunch today, a leftover pork chop with leftover beans! Oh wow! Thank you God for the pig!

(No disrespect intended to Jews or Muslims.)

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I likes me some pig. Bacon tastes goooood.. sausage tastes goooood.

Posted by Jim @ 09/27/2006 10:24 PM EST

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