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09/30/2006 Entry: "The Cereal MI-5"

I'm going to force myself to write an MI-5 this week. A little writer's challenge, perhaps. And here's how I came on the theme. Apparently, cereal was on sale this week. Susan, a big cereal fan, decided we should stock up for the winter. So I'm going to take the boxes of cereal which sit across from me right now, and base a question on each one. Here we go!

1) Blueberry Morning. What's your morning routine? Let's say from the time you get up until you hit work (or 9am, whichever comes first).

I get up at 6am, plus or minus five minutes. I hit the bathroom and shower. Usually, the mirror is fogged, so I don't brush my teeth yet. Then I make Julia's lunch. If Susan has to get up early to babysit Maddox, then I put some coffee on. At about 6:30 I wake Julia up. Then I make her breakfast. After that, I head downstairs to put a load of laundry in the dryer, and one in the wash. Grab my clothes for the day, and back upstairs. Then I might watch a TV show from the day before. Or, I might read some from my Bible. It really depends on if the boys are up or not. If they're up, reading is right out. At about 7:15 I put my clothes on and brush my teeth. At 7:30ish, Julia and I are out the door. I drop her off at school, and arrive at the office at 7:45.

2) Berry Krispies. Snap, Crackle, and Pop have been around a long time. Who are your three favorite cereal characters? Why?

Tony the Tiger is a classic, so I dig him. (Why not dig the frog from Sugar Smacks? Remeber him? Diggem!) The cowboy from Sugar Corn Pops was also quite cool. My favorite, though, was Count Chocula. First, I loved the cereal. Still do. Second, he's a frickin' vampire! I love that creepy stuff. Of course, a cereal vampire isn't too creepy, but still, it fits in.

3) Eggo Maple Syrup Cereal. "Leggo my Eggo!" What item do you have from childhood can't you let go of?

I don't really have that much from when I was really young. My blanket still survives: Paly (or Paley, or Pal-y, or Pallie, however you spell it!). Susan now keeps him in her hope chest. (Incidentally, her hope chest is my old toy box that Father built for me.) I still also have the purple Duncan yo-yo that I bought at Arlene's antique shop. And, I still have my Hot Wheels Ahrens Fox.

4) Banana Nut Crunch. You're feeling a little bananas, and you have 15 minutes to clear your head. What do you do?

Usually, I'd listen to some music. If I'm at home, I might put some music on downstairs in the studio and play some drums.

5) Cracklin' Oat Bran. This one came with a free mail-in offer for a DVD. What was the last DVD (or movie) you watched? Why did you pick it?

Actually, it was a drum instruction DVD, Steve Smith's "History of the US Beat." I watched it because my drum student Ian lent it to me, and I need to watch it by next week.

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