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10/05/2006 Entry: "Some Changes May Be Coming"

Every now and again, I get the urge to change my blog template. There's one problem though: the title. "Time Requires an Argument" has been this blog's title since I started it back in what, 2001. So I kinda don't want to give it up. But as far as designing a page that fits the title, well, I find it kind of limiting. So I'm thinking on changing things around. I'm thinking the page may become billyrhythm.com/blog. That way, I can change the title of the page to fit my fancy, and can easily change the template.

Another downside is the method by which I run this blog. I use Greymatter because it runs on my own server. I'm not dependent on Google or Blogspot or Blogger making backups for me. If something goes wrong, I control it. The downside is, though, all the templates that need to be updated when you use a new template. The front page is one page. The individual entry pages are another template. The monthly archive pages are another template. The Archive List is another template. So a simple layout change can take hours. Unfortunately, I haven't found the perfect blogging solution. I'd like something that runs on my own server, rather than being forced onto someone else's server. I'd like to have some better form of comment control, too. If a post is up too long, spammers find it, and then I have to waste time deleting porn and gambling links.

Of course, this may all come to nothing. Maybe I'll just leave things as is.

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