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10/06/2006 Entry: "Gina's MI-5"

Gina says: "This week I've been thinking about children. I've been thinking about the way the Amish raise their children. About how family and friends are raising theirs. Which spurred memories of my own childhood. The following are today's Childhood Friday Five Questions."

1. Did you receive an allowance as a child? If yes, how much? Were you required to perform extra chores or was the allowance simply given to you?

Allowance with my folks was an off/on affair, and it was mostly off. They would give me $.25 or $.50 for doing certain chores. Even in my young mind, though, I felt it wasn't enough, so I never really bothered. As soon as I could, I started babysitting, filling baitbags, and mowing lawns; those paid much better!

2. Did your family use spanking as a punishment? As an adult, what are your feelings regarding this now?

Yes, we kids were occasionally spanked. When it came to that, though, it was usually for something very serious. I remember being spanked three times: for going to the boatyard without permission, for riding my bicycle to the island without permission, and for jumping on the bed. (The bed one, Mom used a plastic spatula, and it didn't really hurt. For the other two, she used a stick, and it did hurt.) At my house, we use spankings as well. Julia, my flower of loveliness, rarely needed a spanking. I could just tell her in no uncertain terms I wasn't pleased with her, and she'd start to well up. The boys have occasionally received spanks on their diapered bottoms, and they're to the point now where, if they're misbehaving, we just have to say "Do you need a spank to help you obey?", and they'll knock it off.

3. As a child did you ever see/hear your parents argue? Do you feel (your) children should be shielded from family spats?

I saw my parents argue but pretty rarely. Usually, when it got too heated, Mom would go for a drive, and usually end up grocery shopping. Susan and I try to present a united front to the kids, and work out any differences in private. It doesn't always happen, but we try, and I think my kids know that Mom and Dad love each other no matter what, just as I did with my Mom and Dad.

4. As a young teenager what time was your curfew? Was this fair then? What do you think about that curfew hour now that you're older?

I think it was 9pm. When I started dating Susan, it got moved to 11pm. I think she needed to be home at 10pm, and it took me time to drive home. I seem to remember 11pm, though, as that's when I started watching Saturday Night Live. (I don't watch it anymore, though. It stinks!) I never had a problem with curfew. I always thought mine fair, and I never had any problem keeping it. If it was prom night or something, it would be increased. My folks were always cool with curfew. And, I don't think I gave them any reason to be concerned with me out late.

5. What if anything, would you change about your childhood?

I would have told my Dad how much I appreciated him more. As I got older, I told him all the time. I'm quite happy that I can look back and say "My Dad knew how much I loved and appreciated him." But I didn't say it much when I was younger. Perhaps I was too young to appreciate how great he was. But I should've told him more.

And, I would of never said the bad word that caused me to lose my promised mini bike!

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I don't think you were spanked for the Dorito incident--it was me, and that's because I was just being so horrid about being sent to my room. Yelling. Jumping on the bed. That type of thing. (Unless I have this incident mixed up with your "jumping on the bed" incident. Were we maybe all jumping on beds???)

Posted by Lisa @ 10/07/2006 07:08 AM EST

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