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10/27/2006 Entry: "The Halloween MI-5, Written by Me!"

1. What's your favorite spooky movie?
Francis Ford Coppola's version of Dracula. It was pretty close to the book, save the ending. I really like that Coppola used old school production techniques to make it.

2. What are two spooky/scary/creepy songs that you like?
When I was in grade school, Mrs. Chamberlain introduced us to Saint Saens' Danse Macabre. I love the imagery in that piece: the devil's violin, the skeleton's bones dancing with the xylophone, the chicken crowing in the morning. I also really like Screamin' J Hawkins' version of "I Put a Spell On You." In fact, I listen to it all year round.

3. Can you give us three halloween costumes you wore as a kid?
I have been a vampire, a ghost, some CB guy called "Mike" (ha-ha! Well, it was the '70s), and a construction worker.

4. What are the four most interesting treats you got trick-or-treating?
Aunt Lois and Uncle Herbert always gave out money. Aunt Diana always gave out caramel apples. Someone always gave out little boxes of Sunmaid Raisins. Hmm, a fourth one... Who thought up these questions? I guess I'd say the red candy apples that Edwin and Patty Burch gave out.

5. What five items would you most like to find in your goody bag at the end of the night?
One of Aunt Diana's caramel apples! Mallow Cups. Kit Kats are always a hit. Chunky bars. Anything that wasn't in "mini" size.

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