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10/26/2006 Entry: "Crazy Deams of Potty Trained Bells"

I had this dream last night. I dreamt I was purchasing a bell for the church in memory of Dad. I visited the guy who sold used bells. His house was an old gothic place, and the inside looked like an old barn. I was all open, barn boards exposed, and crazy stairs and floors everywhere.

So the guy shows me a bell. "You have $2000 to work with, right?" I said I did. He showed me this little bell, one that I could easily hold in my hands. "I was hoping for something a little bigger" I said. Well, I have an Asian bell that you could have for the same price." The bell was really skinny, and really tall. It also had all the other things dangling off it. It really wasn't what we wanted in a Baptist church.

"No, that's really not what we're looking for," I said. "Something more traditional, but a little bigger."

"Well," he said, "I have this un-restored, really huge bell that I can let you have for $4000." I decided that I would take it.

"Can I hold the smaller bell again?" I asked.

He said "If you take the bigger bell for $4000, I'll sell you this other bell for $60." Then I woke up.
And in other news, both boys had successful first trips to the potty yesterday. Matthew had a few dribbles on the toilet, and Nat dropped a big stinky in the potty chair. I know, strange things to blog about, huh? But we jumped up and down, and hooted and hollered to show how happy we were.

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