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11/08/2006 Entry: "My Predtictions Proove True"

I said the Taxpayers Bill of Rights wouldn't pass. It didn't. I said Baldacci would win governor again. He did. I of course, voted on the losing side of those issues. My Rep choice (both state and local) lost. My choice for city council lost.* And in a result that suprised me, the person I thought would be a "no show" for sheriff ended up winning! All the talk I heard around town was between the republican former police chief and the independent current chief deputy for the sheriff's department. Donna Dennison wasn't even, I thought, on the radar. So that one fooled me.

Still though, I did pretty well in picking (and backing) losers.

I did vote for Olympia Snow, who got in easilly. That being said, I'd prefer someone a little more conservative.

*Jim Thompson the elder, my vote for the council, lost to the incumbent mayor. This was his first race, and only about 50 votes out of 2500 seperated them. For somone running their first race against the incumbent mayor no less, I think that's a really good result. I'm sure if he chooses to run again, he'll get a spot.

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Hey Billy,

Just wanted to say that I read your tribute to the Ghost Pedals. I own a Ghost from circa 1974. It's a grey pre-Ludwig model with the hex adjustment screw.

Personally, it is the only pedal I play seriously on. I have two speed kings, and neither has the foot response of the Ghost. When recording, or playing live, I won't use any other pedal.

My only hope is that if it ever breaks, I can find parts for it.

Best regards - JB.

Posted by James Bradley @ 11/16/2006 11:03 AM EST

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