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11/11/2006 Entry: "Working on the Web"

Noontime. I've been doing some web work. For those of you who'd like to see what I'm up to...

Client #1, Footprint Farms. This was that non-profit site I was telling you about a few days ago. This was just a quick little site I threw together. It was only six hours from start to finish, soup to nuts, from initial design to put it live. I rather like it. It's nothing fancy, but it gets their message out there for a price they could afford.

Client #2, Scenic Maine Helicopters. Right now, it's just a place-holding page. I did have to do a bit of Photoshop work, though. In reality, the helicopter isn't in the picture with the background. I had to cut it out of another photo, then stick it in with the background. In the future, though, there will be a full site there. The owner has some real specific ideas of how he'd like it set up, and that's fine by me. I just have to translate his ideas into HTML. And that's the easy part. Coming up with an interesting layout, colors, photos, and that stuff is the hard part.

Client #3, Gourmet Foods of New England. This isn't really my site, but one I inherited from Paddy when he "retired." So the design is all his. They wanted to add the ability to take credit card orders to their form, so I just did some coding for the security part, and added a redirecting post-done page.

Other things done this morning? Well, I got up with the boys a little before seven. Not too bad, as I had an early gig last night, and I was in bed by 11:30 or so. Julia got straight As on her report card (woo-hoo!), so I made her whatever breakfast she wanted. She picked dropped eggs on toast, bacon, sausage, and hashbrowns. Matthew really chowed down! He had an egg, a slice of bacon, two or three sausages, and three slices of toast! He's a hungry, growing boy.

My plan is to take a little nap this afternoon, and tonight I'm playing at the Midnight Blues club in Waterville. Perhaps you'll be there?

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