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11/18/2006 Entry: "Paddy's MI-5"

Paddy says: "Given that Thanksgiving will be just a plump, pleasant memory by next Friday, I give you a Turkey-day themed 5."

1) What is your favorite part of your traditional Thanksgiving meal?
I really love Ma's sausage stuffing. She gave me the recipe (if you could call it that--there's not much to it!), and I could make it anytime I want. I never do. Ok, I did make it at home once or twice. But that's what I look forward to the most: the brown crunchy edges of the stuffing.

2) You can never have too much turkey ... but what do you do to "work it off?" Touch football? Walk with family? Sleep it off on the couch? Play board games?
When we have Thanksgiving at Ma's--which is close to home--we usually head back to our house and lounge around. Not nap, really, but a little "resting of the eyes." When we have it at Susan's parent's house, we usually watch some sports. Dad and Josh are huge sports nuts.

3) Are your family Noon, Afternoon or Evening diners? Would you rather have it different?
Noonish. Wouldn't change it, it's just right.

4) Was there one particular Thanksgiving that you spent that was particularly memorable? Good or bad ... happy or sad ... elaborate.
I agree with my sister. There's not one particular Thanksgiving that stands out. Instead, it's all the little things we do every year. Uncle Ash's bread (when he comes). Ma's meatloaf for Unk (who doesn't like turkey), and he and I arguing over the crusty end pieces. Sarah and the mystery Jello pie, which is always red, but could be any flavor. (Didn't she do red pineapple Jello one year?)

5) What is the one thing that you are most thankful for this year?
I have so much to be thankful for. I try to remember to be thankful in all things. Ultimately, everything I have comes from God. I have a wonderful, and rather extended, family. I have a very nice job. I have three cars. I have more drums than anyone could want. I'm relatively healthy. I have a wife who I can just not get over. Together since 1989, she still makes me smile. (In fact, I remembered something goofy about us on the ride home from the gig last night, and I had this crazy grin on my face as I was driving.) I have a home that, while not fancy, keeps me and mine warm and dry. I guess I would consider myself middle class, and when I look at all I have, and compare that to what others have, all I can say is "Thank you Lord for all the blessings you bestow on me."

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