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11/20/2006 Entry: "Weekend Wrap-Up"

I haven't done a weekend wrap-up in a while. How's about I do one tonight?

Well, Friday I played a gig at the Thirsty Whale in Bar Harbor. Blind Albert usually plays solo gigs there, but once a year he books the entire band. It's a small place, with out any stage, so I took my cocktail kit. It was a fine gig, and everything went well. I was home about 3am I guess.

Saturday morning I slept in a little. I was doing laundry when I got a call from the office. Someone needed my assistance. I was about to go to the library with everyone, but decided I'd stay home to help this person. I can't really go into what was going on, but it didn't pan out the way it was supposed to. Susan took the kids to McD's after the library, and she called and asked if I wanted anything. After a 1/4 pounder, I headed to my afternoon gig: "Bye Bye Birdie" at George's Valley High. I played the same gig in the evening too, but did have enough lay over in between to get home.

Sunday was about the same as always. I had Sunday School and church in the morning, then to Mom's house for lunch. I took a little nap Sunday afternoon. Then back to church in the evening.

And that's a wrap!

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