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12/01/2006 Entry: "A Christmas Music MI-5"

While listening to NPR this weekend, I heard a couple of new bands that really interested me. So I bring to you a music/holiday MI-5

1) Have you got any CDs on your Christmas list? By whom?
I've got a bunch. John Zorn's "Masada Rock" has been on the list for a year, I think. There's some Lisa Loeb on there, and I think Shawn Colvin has a new album. Also, see the next question!

2) What was the last "new" band that got you excited? Not new CDs by artists you knew, but some new band/act that you'd never heard of, but once you heard them, you needed their album.
On this particular NPR show, the was an album by the band called "The Decemberists." I really liked the sample. I went to Amazon, and checked out some of their other tunes, and I liked them too. Interestingly, it was NPR that introduced me to Drive By Truckers and Sarah Shannon. Seems I pick a lot of artists up from that station. Oh, and the aforementioned John Zorn was them too. Also, Phil Brown's Jimi Project is on my list, but Amazon didn't have it yet.

3) Do you have a favorite Christmas album? Recommend it to us!
My favorite Christmas album is Jimmy Smith's "Cookin' Christmas." I also like Harry Connick, Jr.'s Christmas album. And Susan bought me one year Verve's "Have Yourself a Jazzy Little Christmas." That's got a great tune by Rashan Roland Kirk called "We Free Kings." Super!

4) There are some funny holiday songs out there. Which one do you like best?
Tom Lehrer has one called "A Christmas Carol" that I like. Also, "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." But please, not more "Grandma Got Run Over" or the barking dogs!

5) Share a holiday music memory with us.
There are so many! There's the target .22 rifle I got from Father. My first drum set over at Ma's house. (See the gallery for a photo of me playing it!) The bass drum microphone incident that Mom and Susan pulled on me. Demonstrating Christmas gifts with Tara at Wal-Mart. It seems strange that I couldn't think up a really good Thanksgiving memory, but their are oodles of Christmas ones.

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I have been pretty hot for the Decemberists for a while now. I saw them play a little bit ago. Top shelf act.

Posted by Genova @ 12/01/2006 04:12 PM EST

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