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12/04/2006 Entry: "Weekend Wrap Up"

How was my weekend? It was ok. On Friday night, Susan's folks had the kids. We took the time to head out to dinner. We went to our old favorite restaurant. They had closed, but times changed, and they reopened. It wasn't the same. Thee food wasn't anywhere near as good as it used to be. They used to have the best Caesar salad on the mid-coast. Friday was wet lettuce. Susan reported her steak was good. My was tough and gristle-y. We agreed the potatoes were cold and bland, My buttermilk mashers were all over theirs. But at least we got to go out with no kids.

On Saturday morning I had a gig playing Christmas music and Jazz at a craft fair. It was a good time. Only one bad part: I forgot the right snare drum. Or better, I brought two inappropriate snare drums. I always have two snares in the car--a main snare and a backup. I forgot the snare I played on the previous gig was the Stewart Copeland snare. It's loud with lots of crack. It's a gunshot. It's not a warm, mellow Jazz can. My back up snare was a piccolo! Oh man, why did I forget my Pearl mahogany? Oh well. In the afternoon I just chilled for a little bit, then we went and picked up the kids. At 6:30, Susan and Julia (along with my sister and her family) went to a living Nativity scene in Camden, while I stayed home with the boys. Since they were in bed, I spent the alone time watching U-571. When the girls and gang came back through town, I made hot chocolate for everyone.

On Sunday morning I got up with the boys, and made pancakes for everyone. We had our usual church services in the morning, and lunch at Moms. I watched some documentary about two locomotives salvaged from the ocean floor in the afternoon, and snoozed a little. In the evening, we had a missions service on Nigeria. Lisa always does such a good job with them. And then it was home!

The end.

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