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12/08/2006 Entry: "Lisa's Toy MI-5"

The Toy MI-5

1. What was your favorite toy as a child? (It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Christmas present, although if it was, please specify.)

Hmm. I liked books. I suppose they're not technically toys, though. I had an Emergency play outfit that I really liked, complete with fire helmet and scba tank and mask. I also had this diorama type thing called "Undersea Adventurer," with boat, shark cage, shark, and other plastic animals. Also, Uncle Rog gave me an old CB one year for my birthday. Not only was it a pretend CB for the car, but it was a war radio for when we played "guns," and all kinds of other things. As I got older, I would take it apart and play with the parts.

2. Was there a toy you wanted very badly as a child, but never received?

A mini bike! A Colecovision.

3. What toy does your child want most for Christmas? Why do they want it so bad? (If you don’t have a child of your own, you could “borrow” someone else’s.)

Julia want's Barbie stuff. She's just into Barbie. She wants some dolls, some accessories, even a couple of movies. The boys are too young to really "want" anything, but they're into trains and cars and trucks and pirates.

4. Is there a toy that your child wants very badly, but that you are unable, or simply refuse, to give?

Not really. She wanted some Crocs, and I really hate them. Grammy Nan got her some, but she's only to wear them around the house, or when she's at Grammy Nan's.

5. If you were a child today, what toy would you most want?

A mini bike! Really, I'd like model fire engines.

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