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12/11/2006 Entry: "Weekend Wrap Up"

Here's what I did over the week end. Seems like it was quite full! I'm going to start with Thursday. Thursday was my birthday. Birthdays to me are no big whoop. When you're a kid, of course they're important. Once I got into my 20's, though, I got ho-hum about them. It's kinda like New Year's Day to me. What's the big deal? So on Thursday night, Susan had some scrapbooking thing going on. So the kids went to bed, and I had a Pizza Hut pie (which I rarely get as Susan doesn't like them) with pork topping (not sausage, mind, but pork), and then I watched 1/2 of Das Boot. I'm always up for a good sub movie, and being Pearl Harbor Day, I figured a WWII title was appropriate. Susan gave me a present: an old book I used to read in grade school.

On Friday, we had snow. I didn't even know they were forecasting snow. Apparently, they really weren't. Something happened over the ocean, and we ended up with some fast pilling, wet-ish snow. It was a little slow at the office, so I picked Julia up at school at 3pm, and took the rest of the day off. In the evening, we went to my Mom's house to celebrate my birth with the fam. Mom renewed my Modern Drummer magazine, as she has done since 1988. (March of '89 was my first issue, with Def Leppard's drummer on the cover.) Almost 20 years of Modern Drummer thanks to Mom. My sister got me some movies of the old Frugal Gourmet TV shows. (I know there were some accusations about sexual abuse, and that they were settled with "The Frug." But his original cookbook is the one I reach for most often.) And Susan, my beloved wife, really went out. She bought the waffle iron/sandwich press off my Amazon wish list. I've never liked making waffles because off the mess of cleaning the iron. This machine has removable plates, so clean-up is easier. And, she bought me some of my favorite all time chocolate: Harbor Sweets "Harbor Lights" truffles. Yum! Raspberry and cranberry! The down side is they're expensive. I've looked for a decent alternative. Carol at The Pastry Garden makes a raspberry truffle that's very close. But due to the fact she's a bakery, and not a chocolaterie, it's hot in her shop, so she only makes candy in the winter, usually around Valentine's day. So, I've been without a really good raspberry truffle connection. But then my beloved orders me the gigantahuge box of my favs, so I'm set for a while!

Saturday morning rolled around, and I broke out the waffle maker and gave that a whirl. Even just plain waffles were nice, but I'm looking forward to banana walnut and honey pecan and chocolate waffles. At 8am, Julia and I went to ring the bell for the Salvation Army--something we try to do every year. There was a bit of a mix up, and instead of ringing the bell from 8am-10am, we rang from 9-10. After that, we did a little Christmas shopping, and went to Kathleen Designs Velvet's open house. Julia spent much time smelling the different goats milk soaps, and finally decided we should take the orange one. I did a bunch of errands in the afternoon.

Sunday morning I got up with the boys at 6:30. Nathaniel had a bit of a cough, so Susan decided to keep him and his brother home. Julia and I proceeded to church. Right after church was over, I headed home in order to get ready for my gig in New Hampshire at the 100 Club We were treated very well at this posh, she-she (xi-xi? chi-chi?) private club. We played two sets: one Jazz, one Jump/Swing. We ate our dinner (prime rib steak sandwiches with caramelized onions on focaccia and onion rings) in the club's Audio/Video room. You too could become a member of this swank place. All it takes is an invite from a current member, and $4500 for the first year. (Gulp!) I'll tell you what, though. If I were running a business in Portsmouth, I'd consider a membership for the business. You get free use of any of the rooms whenever you need it, so it's nice for conference, lunch with clients, that sorta thing.

I got home around 2:30am I think. I'm ready for bed now!

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