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12/27/2006 Entry: "Christmas Bounty"

Do you want to hear about my Christmas? Sure you do!

We started out Christmas Eve over at Ma's house. We had our buffet dinner, and then went to church for our evening service. Lisa put together a really nice service based on the gifts the wise men brought Jesus. Everyone commented on it. Then it was back to Ma's, where Unk acted as Santa and distributed the gifts. The boys, ant 2 1/2, have caught on to the whole deal a little bit. They were asking for presents, and Nathaniel kept asking "What's inside?" Of course, Ma and Aunt Ginny "cut back" this year. They say that every year. Every year, you can barely get in the living room.

We got up on Christmas morning, and I put together some oatmeal muffins. (I was out of blueberries. Darn!) Susan's family came here to open gifts. Susan got me some really nice gifts. She got me some CDs and a bunch of chocolate. She also got me some books that I used to read in grammar school. She also got me some more pasta bowls in my pattern. (How manly is that? China for Christmas! I got a bunch last year too!) Interestingly, at one point Matthew decided he had had enough of the whole opening presents deal. He went into another room, and just read one of his new books.

We then went to Mom's house for lunch. The hotel turkey breast Mom made was CRAZY good. I kid you not, it was the best turkey I've had. She made the stuffing in individual muffin cups, which made everything extra crunchy. It was a fantastic meal.

Everybody had a great time when the gift giving came around. Mom really surprised me by buying me the Calphalon cookware set I've been wanting for years. It was such a surprise, that Mom, Susan, and Lisa ended up crying! Once again, towards the end, Matthew decided he'd opened enough presents, and didn't feel like opening any more.

On the way down to Ma's on Christmas Eve, I asked Susan what her top three gifts would be. I got all three! Really, the great part about Christmas is finding the perfect gift for the people you love. I think I did well in my giving this year.

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