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12/29/2006 Entry: "Jim's MI-5"

Jim says: "It is a Jimmy double take five! I decided to grab it one more week because it seems like it has been forever since I last did it. I took a quick look and it was like September even though Bill swears I have done it since then. I didn't care enough to look deeper. I had some ideas so here we go."

1. Tell us something funny about the place you live. (could be town, residence, street or whatever works)

I think this question came up a few Fives back. I think what's funny about Rockland is our wastewater treatment plant is located on prime waterfront land.

2. If your job (for whatever reason) was gone tomorrow and you had to seek employment what kind of work would you look for?

I like working in Public Relations. I think I'd look for a gig along those lines. Or perhaps I'd start my own snare drum company. What would be ideal would be for me to be the sales rep for a major drum company.

3. Is there something you would have liked for Christmas you didn't get?


4. Tell us something that happened to you in the past that was negative at the time but helped you grow as a person.

When I was younger, I was somewhat accident prone in vehicles. I don't know that I really grew much as a person. How about the many times I've put my foot in my mouth. That's helped me learn there are some things you shouldn't joke about, as you may end up embarassed.

5. Tell us 5 things you think everyone as a part of growing up should have to experience.

I like my sister's answer. I'll steal it.
1) Living with a mom and dad who really love each other.
2) Hot lunch at school
3) The bus
4) Living in a small town, where you can run free and not have to worry about being kidnapped, run over by cars, or shot by a peer.
5) Rat cheese and gingerale at your grandmother's house

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