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01/08/2007 Entry: "I've lost my watch."

I have five watches. Of those, I only regularly wear two.* My daily watch is the one Mom bought me for Christmas last year. (It looks similar to this one, but mine has a moon phase.) I have another watch that I wear when I "dress down." If I'm working around the yard, or wearing jeans, I'd be wearing that watch. I bought that watch at JC Penney, back when I was working at McDonalds as a manager. So that was what, 1991? It was an analog/digital diver's watch, similar to this. It was worn and beat; the finish was wearing off. Still, I liked it because I had it so long. But somehow, I've managed to lose it.

Where did it go? How does one lose a watch. It's not where I put it when I take it off. It's not by the sink at home. (Even though it's waterproof--after all, it's a diver's watch--I take my watches off when I wash dishes.) It's not by the sink at the office. It's just gone apparently.

Good bye, watch.

*The other three watches? I have two pocket watches: one from Susan that she gave me for high school graduation (broken and beyond repair), and one from Mom and Dad (broken, but under warranty if I ever send it in). I also have on of my grandfather's watches, but I don't wear it. I would be horrified if something ever happened to it.

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Hi Bill,
Your sister got me into reading yours and her blog. You guys are very talented. But I do have to make a comment about the lost watch. I also have many watches, So how does one lose a watch. I know that I do not feel complete when I lose my watch, its like missing one shoe. (I end up messing the messed up house even more messed up) trying to find my watch. I will not stop until I find my watch. About two weeks ago I was at my parents house and I took my watch to wash my hands (helping around there house and moving things around got my hands dirty) and I left my watch by there sink, boy I went nuts looking I finally called my parents house looking for my lost watch. I got in the car and drove to there house JUST to get the watch. Why are we so attached to them.

Posted by Alice @ 01/10/2007 10:00 AM EST

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