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01/11/2007 Entry: "The Salsa Survey"

Dave Clarke make the ultimate salsa for Billy Rhythm. Why? It's about 50% red onions and 50% cilantro, with just enough tomato to legally be called salsa. In reality, if he left the tomatoes out, it would still be ok by me! :-)

But Dave doesn't swing by my house and make his salsa for me whenever we eat Mexican. So I usually have a jar going in the fridge. For a long time, I prefered Tostitos salsa. Don Imus's salsa is pretty good too. Susan bought me a jar with chipoltes in it. It's good, but the smoke adds a somewhat heaviness to the sauce. Good on tacos, not so much for chipping.

So tell me, what's your favorite salsa? My ideal salsa would have fresh tomato flavor, with a pronounced cilantro presence. Have you got one that fits? Harv, you're big into salsa, what say you? Pete, you ate a whole jar the other night. What brand? C'mon, folks: spill!

(Oh, and in the market tonight I looked at the salsas. Peach salsa is big. Black bean and corn salsa. I even saw a cherry salsa. No "cilantro" salsa. Why? Maybe I need to hit the market!)

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Well, I am (as some people know) a salsa freak ... and in being such, I have too many favorites. But, I will agree that it MUST have fresh cilantro, fresh tomato, a healthy dose of onion and the pop factor of a pepper or two of ones choice. This summer, my gal made some melon salsa for my birthday and it was off the hook! Right now, I have a jar of homemade jalapeno salsa that she made in the fridge and it is goooo-ooo-oood!

Posted by Paddy @ 01/15/2007 08:56 AM EST

Believe it or not, Guzman's Peach Salsa rocks! It's hot too! Buy some, and if you don't agree I'll take it!

Green Mountain Gringo's is really good (I've had Original Recipe Hot and Roasted Garlic), and Newman's isn't bad.

Here's a place to check out some brands:


Quick "hot mouth" Clarke

Posted by Quick @ 01/15/2007 10:03 AM EST

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