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01/12/2007 Entry: "Aunt Ginny's MI-5"

Winter is here, even if it doesn't look like it, so I thought it is a good time to talk about that.

1. What is your fondest memory of winter when you were a child? (activity, trip, family story, etc.)
I have all kinds of good memories of childhood winters. Sledding was a popular past time. Luckily, Ma had a pretty nice hill (though it of course seems quite small to me now), so a location was available just next door. When I got a little older, the scouts would always go sledding on the huge hill over on Buttermilk Lane. The only problem was you'd go sooo far, it would take you forever to get back up the hill! I

should also mention the two accidents I suffered during the winter. My first concussion (I had three) was me and a sled colliding with Ma's tree. (Dad asked me why I didn't just roll off the sled before I hit the tree. I just didn't think about it!) Also, the only time I ever broke a bone was playing freeze football at Owls Head School, and Jamie Lamb performed flagrant pass interference on me, pulling me out of the air!!! Neither episode was fun at the time, but it's funny looking back on it.

2. Have you ever had a driving mishap due to snow/ice? Tell us about it.
I've had a few. One time I jerked the wheel to avoid a dog. Susan and I ended up in the ditch, but were easily pulled out. One time I did a 180 right on the slight corner where we attend church. I was going faster than I should've, and the butt of my truck (it was rear wheel drive) decided to pass the front. And one time, during a particularly mean blow, Blind Albert and I ended up in snow bank. I drove all the way from Skowhegan to Rockport without a hitch, and then ended up a little off the road by Mirror Lake. Man, only five minutes from home on what was (on that night) a three hour drive. Again, the truck was rear wheel drive, and I just couldn't get out. A quick tug from a friendly chap in a Jeep was all it took. Since that night, I've kept a folding shovel and a tow rope behind the seat of my truck.

3. What was the worst winter storm that you can remember? Details?
When was the bad ice storm? '98? I also remember the blizzard of '92 (?). I was an announcer of a radio show on Sunday morning. Since the blizzard came through on Saturday night, the station wanted me to be there in the morning for my show, so they put me up for the night. When I got to the station on Saturday night, I worked with the jock who was doing the evening shift. We ended up broadcasting together 'til close to midnight. By that time, it wasn't worth trudging out to the hotel in the blizzard (I had a 5am show), so I slept under a desk in the sales office. I spent the majority of my show reading church cancelations.

4. If you could escape winter this year, where would you go and why?
I always joke about going to Barbados. That sounds nice to me! Or maybe Puerto Rico. Or Grand Cayman. Or Disney World! (I guess it depends on if I escape with the kids, or just Susan.)

5. How do you explain the unusual winter that we are having? Global warming? Natural weather pattern? A plot?
I think we're in a natural pattern of rising temperatures. I think the temperature is rising. I'm not convinced, though, that mankind, fossil fuel, and SUVs are the cause of the whole thing. I think it's just part of cyclical weather patterns. Either that or the Illuminati.

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