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01/17/2007 Entry: "Billing Day Donuts"

Early morning here at the office. It's billing day: the day I send many thousands of bills to customers. I start at 6am, getting ready, making files, sending them to the printer, stuff like that. I've got a down second here as I'm waiting for a file to transmit to the bank, and waiting for the printer to spit something out. So I thought I'd tell you locals about my visit to Tim Horton's this morning.

I went in for a donut. It was about quarter to six, and I was the only customer in the store. There were only two employees working: one out front, and one out back. The guy out front was mopping the floor, and greeted me as I entered.

I asked him about the rumor that's been floating around that they're closing. He said he'd heard it, but there was nothing to it. I asked if he'd heard anything from "corporate."

"No, but I'm the owner, so I would know if we were closing."

He went on to explain that many people (including me) thought Tim Horton's is still owned by Wendy's*. And since our local Wendy's closed, people's imaginations were running. He told me that our Wendy's was a corporate location, and not locally owned like our Tim Horton's. Since Wendy's "hasn't been doing so well" (his words), they closed that store and took the loss. Since he owns ours, and loves the Rockland area, he has no plans of going anywhere.

"Besides," he said, "we've only been open six months! And, we're doing better that I, and Tim Horton's, projected."

So dear Rockland readers, it appears the rumors aren't true.

But did you hear that Burger King was closing? :-)

*On a side note, the owner said that Tim Horton's was spun off of Wendy's, and is now a seperate, publically traded company.

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I have yet to have a favorable experience at Tim Horton's. Problems, imho, exist from the quality of food on through to at least some of the staff. I was very excited when I heard that TH was coming to this area. My excitement has not been realized. And while I don't wish any business to crumble, I personally wouldn't be crushed if they left. And I sure miss Wendy's. Whoever owned it. confused

Posted by aza @ 01/18/2007 01:58 PM EST

Burger King is closing? I heard that somewhere recently as well!

Posted by Jim @ 01/20/2007 04:50 PM EST

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