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01/16/2007 Entry: "The Weekend, and a Wrap-Up Thereon"

The Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night. Hmm. It seems so long ago. Susan made a chicken stew for supper. After the boys went to bed, I whipped up a little Bananas Foster for us and neighbors Michael and Erika. They left early to put Baby Maddox to bed, and Susan, Julia, and I played '80s Trivial Pursuit. FYI, if you're considering buying this game, the look of the box is deceiving. The box is decorated like it's all going to be about '80s pop culture. It isn't. The questions, for the most part, were really hard. Who was Israel's Prime Minister in 1982? Um, you got me. The music questions were pretty easy, but the Headlines section was hard. The name of the guy who shot the Pope? No, but I know who shot John Lennon. And the sports questions were crazy hard, mostly because Susan and I aren't into sports.

Saturday, Susan and Julia went to Portland to pick out a dress for Sizzle's wedding. That left the boys and I home! We played with their train set in the morning. Late morning we ran an errand at Wal-Mart, and Aunt Ginny left us some Pizza Hut coupons for lunch. I thought we'd have a little fun, and eat in. Apparently, there was a big order in front of us, and it took some time for our order. The boys were good, but still, two 2 1/2 year-olds in a restaurant can be a little trying, both for parent and server. Once home from lunch, they took a nap, and I watched a show on the retirement of the F-14 Tomcat. Susan and Julia were home by supper, yet they had eaten a big lunch, so I made something for just me and the boys.

Sunday was our usual. Breakfast was roast beef hash and eggs. Sunday school and church in the morning. Lunch was soup at Moms. In the afternoon, we all took naps, and I "watched" a documentary on Humboldt squid. Of course, I had to rewatch the final 20 minutes, as I fell asleep. I went to church in the evening, and then came home. A web site I work with wanted to have their message board updated, as the old version was falling prey to spammers. I started installing that, laying the groundwork for the switchover that was supposed to happen tonight. But things were going so well, I decided to keep going. And it all went very well. The new version of the software even has an import feature, which imports everything from the old board. Nice! Then I went to bed, and read a little Job.

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