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01/20/2007 Entry: "The $15.00 MI-5:"

1. You have the $15.00 gift card of your dreams. Where is it from, and how do you use it?

$15 doesn't buy much I'm "dreaming" off. If I'm dreaming of something that only costs $15, I'll just go get it. Maybe $15 to Macaroni Grill.

2. You have $15.00 for lunch. Do you take someone with you, and share the 15.00? Or, do you use it for yourself and eat a little more extravagantly? Where do you go, and what do you eat?

I would definately take someone. Who would I take? Well, assuming Susan's not available, then Jim and Paddy are my usuall lunch buddies. So one of them, and we'd go to either the Chinese restaurant, or The Brass Compass.

3. A CD is generally about $15.00. Which one do you buy next?

Probably Shawn Colvin's latest.

4. You have $15.00 to buy a gift for your best friend. What do you buy?

I'd buy Susan a pin of some sort. She doesn't wear much by way of jewelry, but she's partial to pins.

5. You have $15.00 to give to a charity. Which charity do you pick, and why?

I feel like I give well to my church and my Kiwanis club (both in time and money to each), so I'd probably give to some organization I support, but not with any regularity. Probably the Boy Scouts.

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